The Video Business Card

This is your one stop, all encompassing video that describes the Who, What, Why, and How of your business. It details what makes you unique, what makes you different than your competitors, and even gives a call to action for viewers to act on what they just watched. This video is the meat and potatoes of your video, the thing on your website or social media that will let people know everything about your business that you want them to know

Social Media Promotions

These videos are for the generation of people that is glued to their phones - so basically everyone. These videos, combined with our marketing advice that we give to you for each marketing plan we set up, will quickly promote what your business has to offer before those thumbs even have a chance to swipe it away. 

TV Commercials

Even with how many people are on their phones, we also realize so many are still watching cable television. We work with you to completely and captivatingly communicate your message to viewers across those plasma screens. 

Drone Footage

Need Drone footage of your local Memphis business, event, or property? We got you covered there too. Aerial footage is some of our favorite to capture and we'd love to opportunity to work with you on aerial projects!

New video marketing strategies sent out weekly!

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